Original Music

"Jalisco" from the Kenney-Blackmon String Band album The Singing Tree, 2012

"My Father's Song" from the Bandit's Roost album Stone Circles, 2015

A house of light, a house of shadow.

He built a palace from that barn on Rucum Road

and every year held court from early Spring through the Fall.

Talking deep into each evening

and chandeliers appear as stars clear and low.          

He'd make our meals on the edge of Natalie's field where

the hills roll up towards the sky. 

Worn wooden stair and that old spinning wheel where

he once closed his eyes. 


Wooded winding crooked waters

Stream fed hole where the sun's light would glow

& float suspended on the coldest pond you'd ever want to know.

Daily solitary water

and every year just on a dare I'd join in.

Barefoot on stone as we'd walk across the road

through 2 gates open wide.

Roots entwined under a carpet of pine where

he once closed his eyes. 


Broadway songs ring through these rafters.

Plank wood floors worn soft as a quill.

They hold the stories and the laughter and I guess they always will...



KBSB playing "The Latin Miller" at Hendershots in Athens, GA